Welcome to my virtual office!  I'm Taiisha Bradley, MA.  I am a Celebrity Publicist, helping star entrepreneurs attract media and money!  

As a serial entrepreneur, I have a portfolio of businesses and brands under my corporation, Taiisha Bradley, Inc.  These brands include: Modernoire MediaTaiisha Bradley, Celebrity Publicist, and BoxOfBuzz.com

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My Story

My mission is simple. I help creative entrepreneurs attract media and money.


In 2018, I walked away from a 20+ year career in corporate & nonprofit PR and Communications to be an entrepreneur.  Today I help fellow creative entrepreneurs get a major boost in visibility so they can get the right eyes on their business and get their big break! 

I've helped entrepreneurs be featured by major TV networks, syndicated radio, national magazines, industry publications, national and local news, newspapers, podcasts, and online news sites.


I’m no longer about packing my schedule full of discovery calls or pick-my-brain sessions.


I no longer spend my days answering emails, pursuing clients, pitching clients, or taking coaching calls.


These days, I spend my time following my highest excitement—whether that’s adventuring across the globe, hosting masterminding events in luxury locations, getting paid to speak at business conferences, giving interviews on podcasts, and managing my high-ticket digital products, masterminds, and retreats. 


And my own business isn't on the back burner anymore—I've created results like: