ABOUT Taiisha

Born to make headlines, Taiisha Bradley is the Publicist and Creative Strategist you find when you when your business or brand needs a catalytic boost to make it to the next level.  
A visionary creative whose name will be spoken alongside the most celebrated communicators of her time, Taiisha stays abreast of modern media and communication that allows her to always be ready for the next big trend in the business world. 
With her incomparable formula for publicity strategy, creative design, and a network of A-List clients, colleagues, and media connections--- Taiisha is Unstoppable!
A sponge for information since childhood, her curiosity about the black wealth gap sparked an entrepreneurial bug.  From selling fingerpainted art from her grandmother's front porch to a fast-paced career in corporate and nonprofit communications to full-time entrepreneurship---each endeavor led Taiisha closer to the one piece of her career journey that she was missing —teaching. Once she figured out how to share her gifts with the masses, the media world was never the same. 
Since 2002 Taiisha has used a proven methodology to secure hundreds of millions of dollars in free publicity for corporations, nonprofits, small businesses, and public figures. Now well known for trailblazing and filling gaps, Taiisha has become sought after for her access to thousands of sources for media and for her ability to implement wildly visible publicity and marketing campaigns that lead to explosive results. 
While TRUE earned media is never guaranteed, Taiisha guarantees more eyes and ears will be on your business!  A trusted media source for media outlets locally and globally, Taiisha is passionate about sharing her expertise with other entrepreneurs through media opportunities she secures for herself using the same strategies that she shares that leads to increased opportunities for profitability.
Through her experiential events, first-of-its-kind Publicist-share program, ©The Green Room, and high expectation of business excellence, Taiisha has helped hundreds of businesses and brands to claim their fame and fortune in the media market!
She is resilient. She is innovative. She is YOUR publicist, Taiisha Bradley.
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