Taiisha Bradley Forbes

If you've ever wondered how the others are getting accolades and checks--while you silently pour your heart into your work only to still feel unnoticed--this training is for YOU!

You want the visibility and the profits that come with it but are you really playing at a level that sets you up for the spotlight? 


I can help you get to that level if you can do a little work too!


Imagine that moment when your email chimes with a major media opportunity...


...Whether it's a guest expert spot on TV talk show, a product review in Cosmopolitan, a quote in Forbes, a super fun podcast interview, or a speaking gig with an industry brand...

Whatever your business goals, know that publicity is the catalyst for fast, fierce success!

Mar 17, 6:00 PM CDT
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You’re Not Looking To Go  All  Hollywood...

You Just Want People to Know About the Meaningful Work You Do & to be Paid Well For It. You Need a Significant Boost So You Can:


  • Not panic at the economy's inevitable emergencies — like government shutdowns, war, and pandemics (this is our reality now)

  • Put your monthly bills on autopay and never worry about turned off utilities, past due bills, or an overdrawn account

  • Be able to buy and invest when lucrative opportunities arise

  • Relax during a cabin staycation with your family, because you have audiences discovering you and your business every day on autopilot

  • Have a tight network of colleagues and friends who can relate to your success journey and enjoy life in the spotlight as you can!  Never be lonely at the top! 



Get free media leads from journalists in your inbox!

  •  Gain credibility for your business

  •  Get in front of more audiences

  • Rank higher on Google

  •  Develop media contacts

  •  Increase website traffic

  • Affordable for startups

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