With cannabis being a fast-growing industry that’s rapidly evolving, there are many cannabis startups looking to get into industry magazines. Here are 8 cannabis magazines to pitch a story to:


Broccoli is a cannabis magazine created by women for women and is run by a team based in Portland that seeks to present a new perspective on cannabis culture.

This independent print magazine brands itself as being "playful, informed, eclectic, and thoughtful". Broccoli magazine is published only three times a year, although the organization speaks to its audience more frequently with their 'Broccoli Talk' podcast, which airs a new episode every two weeks.


Cannabis Business Times is a magazine owned by GIE Media, based in Ohio. CBT provides up-to-date cannabis industry news, as well as information on cannabis compliance, regulations, legislation, and financial resources. The CBT magazine focuses on the business of recreational and medical cannabis in their print magazine, as well as a broad range of cannabis-related topics in their e-newsletter, app, and website. In 2018, Cannabis Business Times was named Magazine of the year by the American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE).


High Times is a monthly magazine with a global reach. Founded in 1974, High Times has been one of the most consistent and prolific magazines in the cannabis industry.

High Times features cutting-edge journalism that spans a wide variety of topics including politics, culture, activism, sex, drugs, and film. The monthly magazine quickly became more popular after its 35th anniversary and grew to 500,000 copies published. By 2014, the website was read by up to 5 million users per month. With offices in Los Angeles and New York City, High Times has established itself as a global brand and the most well-known cannabis magazine.


Cannabis Culture is a magazine about cannabis and hemp around the world, with a team heavily devoted to cannabis activism and 'liberating marijuana' as quoted on their website. Their focus is on freeing 'pot-prisoners' around the world and ending the war on drugs that they believe has failed. Cannabis Culture used to be a print magazine but is now exclusively published online.


Dope Magazine, stands for 'Defending Our Plant Everywhere', and the name speaks for itself. DOPE prides itself on serving the needs of medical cannabis patients and all enthusiasts everywhere. DOPE publishes a monthly print magazine that can be found in hundreds of medical and recreational shops around the United States.


Strain insider is a leading cannabis magazine focused on the European cannabis industry.

Strain Insider's mission is to educate European (and global) readers about the latest news of the European Cannabis sector, with information on politics, businesses, and cultural developments relating to the European market.


Green Entrepreneur is a sub-website of Entrepreneur.com and is quickly growing as a leading cannabis magazine. This magazine covers topics such as stories of prolific cannabis advocates such as Joe Rogan, or actors like Seth Rogen and other celebrities like Snoop Dogg, all of whom have created a name for themselves in business, in part, due to their affiliation and love for cannabis. Green Entrepreneur is ideal for readers who run cannabis start-ups, are looking to grow established cannabis companies, or are involved in 'green' entrepreneurship in any shape or form.


Cannabis Now is one of the world's leading cannabis lifestyle magazines and has a focus on news, culture, and CBD. The Cannabis Now magazine began publication as the Montana Medical Marijuana Journal in 2009. After only two issues, the dispensary model of cannabis was outlawed in Montana, and the team decided to focus on the consumer point of view through the written word by creating Cannabis Now.

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